I was at a conscious dance workshop recently and I had the opportunity to become aware of what choice I make when I encounter a closed door.

I noticed when I arrived at a closed door or obstacle which blocked my intended path, I immediately looked for the next open door, the next direction, the next open path I could move onto.


At no point in this dance had I considered the closed door had more information for me, besides what I thought I already knew, which was this is not the way. I discovered that if I paused for just a moment I would be able to gain more wisdom and insight. I know it seems obvious right? It is now, it wasn’t then.


In this moment of pausing saw the beauty of a closed door, it allows for a breath, a pause, a moment to rest before moving on. Not to analyse why the door is closed or to lament about the closed door. Or to bang against it and demand it be opened, yip I have been there more than once in my life. You know the place, where you stay for days on end demanding the door be opened. I think in trying not stand in the futility of demanding a closed door to open, I swung to the other side of the spectrum which was to take no heed of the closed door.


To move on swiftly, I see now this was perhaps to avoid the feeling of disappointment, anger or even rage when another door was closed in front of me. I did a smashing job, I got really good at telling myself the story which went “If the door is closed it is not for you”, which I do believe to be true, I however used that story to justify barely glancing at the closed door and therefore doing a fantastic job of not having to feel any of the feelings which came up when I was facing the closed door.


I feel deeply grateful to this insight it says to me:

“If you come to a closed door, pause for a moment, rest, breathe, ask the question; What is here for me?”.

Take this moment, this is one of life’s mysterious ways to keep me in my souls rhythm, do not rush past the beauty of a closed or closing door. Stand in front of it and feel all it has to offer me.