What does it mean to be intimate?
with life?
with another?
with ourselves?

Intimacy is the daily practice of living with an undefended heart, of allowing more of ourselves to be seen.

Living this way requires a commitment to seeing and feeling through anything which may cause us to close, disconnect and step away from vulnerability.

This way of living is for the courageous and life loving human who wants more. It is about offering yourself into the world, allowing yourself to be seen by the people who matter the most to you. It is about growing our capacity to lean in and feel the exquisitely tender, raw and often uncomfortable experience of vulnerability.

Inviting Intimacy Courses

Do you want more meaningful and intimate relationships with the people in your life?

These courses support you to build the skills you need to live a more connected life now. You have the power to cultivate the kind of relationships you want. Start here, with us.

To gain a level of proficiency in anything you need to be committed to the practice. To play, explore, learn and experience. Play here, with us. 

These courses are your practice playground. You practice during our time together and then you live it in your life.

Get started

Start here, with us. We will support you to develop the skills you need to create a potent cocktail of resources which will allow you to expand into deeper intimacy and give you the power to consciously choose connection through the actions you take.

All About Relationships

Relationships ask us to show our soft underbelly, this is both beautiful and excruciating. It is always both. Relationships bring blessings and pain. They bring joy and frustration. This is their nature. Our role is to support you to learn how to be with both with more ease. Relationships are here for our evolution, to support us to feel safe to be more of who we are.

Grow the skills

Grow the skills first, deepening your capacity to stay connected to yourself and others.
This creates a stable and strong foundation to navigate all relationships and situations.
Powerful. Simple. Effective.


“What makes this exploration with us awesome?”

Deepening intimacy and showing more of yourself to the people you love is pretty darn awesome all on its own. What makes our work different is the way we do things. We approach developing all the skills you need with gentleness and lightness. Our courses are simple and effective. You decide how deep you want to dive, how deep you want to look internally, how much of yourself you want to show. We go slowly, so the skills you learn are integrated into your life. We support you to take care of yourself in the process. Don’t go to the places which cause you huge stress and emotional turmoil until you have the skills to navigate those places and stay in connection or at the very least be able to come back to connection.

“The Evolution Is Real”

There is a constant evolution in relating. Relationships are never stagnant. Do you want to live in a way which embraces the natural rhythms and flow between people? I do.

My understanding is I am never going to arrive at a point where the heavens open and the angels sing announcing I have arrived at my final destination. And thank goodness for that.


There is always another level to deepen into, there is always another life experience which shapes how we connect in the moment.

Do you want to be aware and responsive to your relational flow?


Do you want to be present with the heartbeat of connection and grow into intimacy which is responsive, honest and grounded in truth?



This work has the potential to transform you and your relationships. It is simple and effective. We dive into the body and stabilise from the inside out. We combine mental explorations, emotional awareness, body awareness and nervous system education. You will relate differently after this journey with us.


As you continue to move towards the mastery of these skills, you can create the space for more choice in your relating. You can consciously choose to take actions which move you towards connection rather than away from it.
Becoming more responsive and less reactive.

These courses are potent because they are simple. They facilitate in you the development of the skills you need to powerfully move towards the quality of connection and relationships you want.

The content is engaging, effective and ongoing…

We are continually developing new content so you can keep leveling up or rather deepening in.

“What is intimacy in my life?”

“Intimacy in my life comes in many shapes and through connections that all look different. When I feel connected and available to the moment, I feel alive with possibility, I have a deep well of emotional resilience. And when the tough stuff comes, and it always does, I have so much more capacity, space and compassion to meet it.”
Kate Tregan Rowe