About Us

connection is freedom

Our story

We are curious humans devoted to spreading the message that

We dive deep into the workings of our inner-selves, play and explore as we grow our skills to communicate and connect. We prioritise connection and to the best of our abilities make choices everyday which step us towards intimacy. We show up. We are all in for deep honest GROWING connection.

Which includes communicating, a lot, which we love.

We want to get to know you, build relationships which matter and be on this journey with you. We want to support you to find your way to cultivating the quality of connections you want in your life.

Our Values




We stand on a firm foundation of understanding and trust that connection is everything. We believe all humans are driven by the need and want to be connected and experience places of true and deep belonging.



We are committed to growing our capacity to become more available to life, more intimate with each moment. To listen deeply to what our hearts are saying.




We are fearless, mostly, in stepping out of our comfort zones, so we can belong more fully to the moment. We summon our courage and lean into both the uncomfortable and joyful moments.



We are committed to walking our talk. We are on this journey too, slowly, gently everyday choosing to practice and grow the skills we need to live the life we choose.


"kate Through Her Colleagues Eyes"

Meet Kate

“Since the first time we met, something about her tenacity and wanting to know what’s underneath completely confused and also delighted and enticed me. She seemed fearless in her approach to whatever was appearing in front of her, be it life, death or any of the questions in between.

Kate has an expansive range of emotional capacity. Her enquiry into who she is means she is constantly growing. She doesn’t stand still in terms of growth or deepening as a human being, into being truly honestly real and one hundred percent present with me, or with what is, in any moment.

She is magnetic, dynamic, and totally committed in the dedication to her dream and to saying yes, Yes, YES to Life.”

Our Clients