Raising children isn’t easy. Not in today’s world with it’s many pressures and complexities, not to mention the impact of social media and the online world.

“My relationship with my daughter and two step children was definitely not all love, light and rainbows…

In the years working with Kate I learned invaluable skills and approaches to relating to children and teenagers.

All of these applied in my own life. You could call us the perfect “test case family”.

Today I have relationships with all three of my teenagers where we can talk about anything; where they feel safe, supported and understood; no matter what is going on in their lives.

I know the journey from broken and fractured to whole and connected IS possible. I know how it feels to move from one place to the other, because I’ve done it and I’d love to walk the road alongside you as you find your way to a deeper, more meaningful, connected relationship with your children.” ~Lorienne~

What Loriennes Kids Are Saying:

“It is the most relieving thing in the world to know I can truly talk to my mom. I can talk to her about any problems that I’ve been having, I can gain her perspective, and learn from her, which means the world to me because it makes me feel loved and understood. I find it heart breaking that some young people can’t talk to their parents – it makes them feel misunderstood, unloved, even. With countless of my friends I see that tension that arises from not being able to be truthful with your parents about topics like sex and emotion. Seeing that makes me even more grateful for what I have.”

~ Claire ~ Age: 17
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“Being able to actually speak with my dad and Lorienne has created a unique relationship where I am allowed to be curious and essentially more ‘me’. It’s actually very fun and I feel comfortable around them. I don’t have to hide anything, so I don’t, and speak to them about almost everything (and I mean EVERYTHING). Reflecting on how this being able to talk about anything with them has affected our relationship, I can’t even begin to express how things have changed.  Being able to talk to my parents has allowed me to become the person I am today. I can’t imagine a greater gift for a parent to give than letting me become my own person.”

~ Jerun ~ Age: 20

Conversations with kids: about sex and relationships

Create deeper connection and more open honest conversations with your children through a 7-month facilitated and guided online course.


Through the duration of this course you will develop and integrate the skills you need to build honest and trusting relationships with children and teens. 


It will equip you with the tools and practical experience to have conversations with your children about any topic.


The course focuses on the “how to” grow and develop open communication with the children in your life.

Each Course Package Includes:

  • 2 x dedicated support facilitators
  • Introduction and conclusion call
  • 5 x 10 day modules/courses with 2 online calls each and a supporting workbook per module/course (dates can be given)
    • Finding Clarity
    • Building Connection
    • Developing Listening
    • Understanding Boundaries
    • Crafting Agreements

In between the modules you will receive weekly content that includes additional information which will cover what to say when, puberty, sexual development in children and more.

  • It will also include tips on HOW TO PRACTICE this with your kids
  • An opt-in whatsapp group for community support
  • 2 Q&A calls with Kate on Consent and Sexual Development in Kids


This book invites and supports adults to engage with and find meeting places with kids to have more conversations about sex, relationships and feelings.

It opens the space to talk about consent, agreements and what they want for themselves in relationship and in sexual experiences.

“Who are these courses for?”

These courses are for the discerning parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent who knows they want to do better in their conversations with children and teens, especially around sex and relationships. “The gift of a deep and connected relationship with my children is one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. In this course I share tools, skills and my life experience to guide you in deepening your connection with your children.”
Kate Tregan Rowe

Module 1: finding clarity

This module is essentially a discovery of your motivation. It guides you through an exploration of your own sex education experiences so you can notice how they made you feel. Through this awareness of your history and experiences, you’ll explore how you would like sex education to be and feel for the children in your life. Establishing how you want them to feel becomes your guide for the remainder of the course.

Module 2: building connection

In this module, you will be equipped with the fundamental skills needed to cultivate emotional safety in relationships. You will learn how to establish trust and safety with your children and why building connection first is essential for you to be able to speak about sex, relationships or any other topic.

Module 3: Developing listening

In this practical module, you will deepen your understanding of and capacity to listen. You will discover why and practice how listening is being receptive to your own inner wisdom while being emotionally attuned to the other person. Listening is a key ingredient to support emotional safety and build connection in the relationship with your children.

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Module 4: understanding boundaries

Another practical module where you explore boundaries which can be defined as what is okay for you and what is not. By getting to identify and know your own boundaries, and growing your skills to be able to set your own boundaries in life you will be able to share and model these skills to children and teenagers. This is an essential skill to support genuine self-care and generous living.

Module 5: Crafting agreements

This final module brings your attention to the core values that form the foundation of your family interactions and how you choose to live. Knowing what your values are is fundamental in helping you create agreements. Agreements support and guide your behaviours, actions and choices. When your choices and actions are consistent with your values, you feel contentment, satisfaction, ‘flow’, happiness and internal strength.

“It is time to step up and change how we are teaching children about relationships and sex.”

We live in a society which is highly sexualized and no one talks openly about sex. This was harmful for me when I was growing up and I would like to be part of changing this for children and adults today.” Throughout these courses, we will focus on a theme for each of the weeks between each module. The weekly content will provide you with extra information, resources and practices.
Kate Tregan Rowe