“Speak or write from feeling and from the deepest felt sense of who I am.”

That’s the invitation. That’s where Kate and I ended up after our social media rant a few days ago. She felt like she was talking into a black hole every time she posted to social media and there was a sense of “must do it”, “business needs it”, “don’t want to do it” and still trying to push through it. I was in flat out resistance. I won’t do it! On any requests my response was simply “No.” Instagram. No. Blog. No. Facebook. Only if I can forward it and say nothing. Why was this?

Well, as in most instances in our friendship and with our business, we identified the feeling and dug a little bit. It was an interesting discovery.

For me it came down to this: offering a space where I share gems learnt from what is going on for me, my kids and/or my family whilst at the same time part of me feels like life is falling apart seemed irreconcilable. And yet isn’t that what it is? Life is constantly deconstructing, reconstructing, reframing, and clearing all the things that stand in the way of really deep, honest, growing connection.


Connection to myself, to Spirit, to my partner, to my kids, and to Kate. I realised that if I were to share something on social media that is not contrived nor seeks to present a particular view of myself or my life and is an honest reflection of this moment, it would require a level of vulnerability that makes my whole body zing – not only from a place of scariness, but also from a place of aliveness.

For me to be able to share authentically whilst remaining honest and open to feeling vulnerable required a new way to engage.  A new way that would reflect our value WE’RE CONNECTED. We dive deep into vulnerability with each other and share who we are and how we live. We rest solidly on the foundation and understanding that connection is everything. So this new idea of Explorations into Lived Experiences was born. We dive into a different topic every ten days or so and invite you to come with us in a held space on our teaching platform.


Join us for FREE.


Just like I would when meeting someone new and want to get to know them, I would invite them to take a walk with me on the beach, come over for tea or go out for lunch. On me, for free.

This is our invitation. Come meet us. Let us meet you. Let us find our voices together. It feels so much easier to speak from a place of HEY WOW, this is what is showing up in our lives right now. This is the topic, the feeling, the enquiry, the rant, the rumble ….. and more.

How did this blog post come about when my initial response was no, No, Hell NO!

Well, check out the lived experience here.

You’ll see our video chat and get a taste of the journey to here for me. Here being sitting writing this blog. We’d love you to join us on Explorations where you will find us playing and taking time to look within.

Opening to the truth in the moment and new perspectives. Letting our values of curiosity, courage and integrity guide us. This is us exploring real life experiences and our feelings about them. Get to know us as we meander through a variety of topics. We share meditations, activities and awareness practices for you to explore these topics if you are curious and rumbling with a similar theme in your life. We invite you to comment and ask questions. Interact with us. We want to get to know you. This is fun for us, we would love you to join us!